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The Bottom Line: The future of records management is here. It’s time to digitize your files.

Posted by Lia Surkis on May 17, 2017 1:12:03 PM

Do you find that your business is wasting valuable time, money and resources digging through files and boxes to locate past records?files.png

Are you paying employees to do the searching for you? It can feel overwhelming looking at boxes and boxes of files.

There is a simple solution that will allow you to get back this time in your day, and streamline your record management. Professional records management services, like Citadel, will scan, index and store your files for you.

Scanning your records allows you to save valuable space in your office or storage area. No more boxes piling up and file cabinets overflowing. By digitizing your files, you can ensure that your records will always be safe with 24-hour security, and protection from any potential damage or theft. Your files will be imaged, barcoded and indexed in an organized fashion for easy access at any time. Records can be divided into three categories: active, archived and expired. This 3-category system enables you to easily browse your imaged files. All files are easily accessible from any workstation within your organization worldwide. Your digital files are stored on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, your network server or workstation, while your original documents are securely stored in our off-site storage facility. 

imaging computer.jpgBy selecting to digitize your files with our professional scanning and imaging services, you will ensure the safety of your records now and in the future.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The future of records management is here. It’s time to digitize your files.


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