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The Bottom Line: Self-Storage is NOT a good solution

Posted by Lia Surkis on Apr 28, 2017 10:18:37 AM

Self-storage facilities have gained popularity in recent years, and seem to be popping up all over… But is self-storage really a good option when it comes to business documents? The simple answer is NO. Trust the professionals.

There are 3 main reasons that self-storage units are NOT the solution when it comes to business documents and medical records:

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  1. Inadequate Security: Many self-storage facilities advertise 24-hour security, but what does that really mean? They might have a video camera or two on premises, but that’s not much of a deterrent to thieves. Self-storage units are also generally very easy to break into. There are no standardized security regulations in the self-storage industry. It is extremely important to research the facility you choose to ensure your documents are safe. One lost or stolen document could cost your business thousands of dollars.
  1. High Costs: Many individuals and businesses get carried away and end up paying for larger storage units than they are actually using. Self-storage or public storage units can be extremely costly, often increasing storage costs every year! With self-storage units, businesses also waste time and money sending employees to dig through boxes searching for records. If you choose to store your documents/records with a private storage business like Citadel, we do the searching and delivery for you.
  1. Space Limitations and Limited Access: With self-storage units, you only get what you pay for each month. If you decide you have more items/documents to store and you run out of room, self-storage units are not generally flexible. If you choose a private storage business like Citadel, we can expand your storage space as needed. You never pay for space you aren’t using, and will always have extra space if you need it. In addition, all documents stored with Citadel Information Management are scanned and input in a private database so you can have 24-hour access to the files.

So, if self-storage facilities are not the answer, then what is?

Professional off-site records storage and management services like Citadel Information Management.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Self-Storage is NOT a good solution. Your business needs maximum security, reduced expenses, and an overall safe and secure facility for your important and confidential documents and records.

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