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The Bottom Line: Servicing the Chicagoland area for Document Shredding, Records Storage, and Electronics Recycling to keep your business compliant!

Posted by Frank Angileri on Feb 21, 2017 9:47:35 AM

Business owners and employers are responsible for a great deal. Compliance is just one part of their responsibilities; and although, very important, it is often times overlooked. Having to watch over a multitude of employees and often times over multiple locations, compliance is becoming nearly impossible to manage internally. More and more companies understand the need to outsource document shredding, records storage, electronics recycling, and information management as a whole. The Chicagoland area is home to countless businesses generating TONS of documents and data files containing sensitive information that need to not only be managed and stored within compliance to laws, but also destroyed and recycled properly.

With owners having so much on their plate and so much to look after, document destruction has become a service that is left to the professionals to handle. Information management companies, like Citadel, have become a one-stop shop for the Chicagoland area and can service multiple locations, placing all business locations in compliance and protecting the business.

Missing Puzzle Piece Image-Fotolia-2-21-17.jpgWhether your company is a one man operation, or has thousands of employees, the need for a local document shredding company is indisputable. The risk these businesses run by not hiring a NAID certified document destruction company is terrifying. The reality of it is that there are simply too many rules and regulations to the privacy laws for businesses to keep track of on their own. Citadel Information Management, a founder of this industry, washes your hands of the headaches of compliance and lets our professional team provide you with a cost effective information management solution.

Document protection is still only one piece of the puzzle. Storing and managing confidential documents during their retention period is a vital component that is all too often overlooked. Especially when documents are active, or need to be accessed regularly, storing the boxes and documents internally can be a serious violation and place a company at risk for a breach. Basements, attics and storage units might work as a Band-Aid or temporary fix, but they are nowhere near solutions.

Bandage Image-Fotolia-2-21-17.jpgThe solution is simple; having an information management company manage the boxes and files in a compliant manner at an offsite facility. Whether your company has one location or a multitude of store fronts, the boxes and files can be delivered right to your door whenever you need them all over the Chicagoland area. No more massive storage unit fees and having to send employees to facilities to go rummaging through boxes. Utilizing Citadel Information Management, your company will be compliant with all of today’s laws and regulations.

To ensure that all your sensitive data remains secure whenever you are retiring your old computers and devices, make sure to call Citadel to properly manage the electronics recycling process.

Record Storage 8-20-15 (1).jpgCitadel has been proudly servicing the Chicagoland area since 1986! "Team Citadel" works as an entity of your business and works with you to ensure your compliance with all of the current laws and regulations concerning your industry. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to receive a free quote. 





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